Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finally, we relaxed ....

Winding down with a pelicula en la noche
Yesterday finally felt like we were on our first family vacation!  Papa took the kids to the playa in the morning.  The primas, who had a half day at school, came over at lunchtime.  The kids then spent the entire afternoon in the pool and papa got a workout throwing them in and about.  Right before dinner, there was some tranquilo playtime downstairs.  Jose played with his cousin's legos, while the girls made cards for their respective padrinos.  Then dinner.  After dinner, the adults were presented with their cards and while the adults ate, the kids relaxed.  Francini and Jose watched Pinoccio and Evelyn and Celeste read some books together.   Today, we are hanging by ourselves but will have a fun-filled weekend with the primas again.  Here are two photos that we have from April 30 in between our last meeting with PANI and before court. 
Quick Swim to Burn Energy Before Court

Quick Lunch Before Court


  1. I'll put this on the next post too and the one about day trips bc you said people requested the links to the children's museum and that large outdoor park/natural museum:

    Yay- so glad the primos made it down to Nosara and we get to enjoy time with you all!

  2. love the pictures and the posts!!!!