Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We're in Nosara!

Finally, we get to relax and vacation together as a family.  Yesterday, we drove for five hours to Nosara.  The kids were really great. When we arrived, we picked up the primas, Celeste and Francini, and took them over to the house that we are renting for a swim in the pool before dinner. (Yes, the house that we rented has a pool, overlooks the ocean and costs less than the hotel in San Jose!)   

We unpacked as much as we could, while keeping an eye on the kids, and then headed back over to la casa de padrinos for dinner.  Scott and I really needed to relax and unwind and we did just that.  Right now, Scott is with the kids at the beach while I catch up on life, so to speak.  We promise to unpack the camera soon and take photos, but right now -- we're just playing and breathing better.  We are going to resist going back to San Jose until we must... 

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  1. So very, very happy for you. There's a lot of folks that are breathing easier now!