Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We're home and doing fine ....

Hola.  We're getting lots of calls and emails from everyone asking how the kids are doing.   Kids did great on both airplanes (we had a layover in Houston).  The entry into the US was a bit intimidating. No greeting, no smiles, no explanations.  We were told to stand aside and then were escorted to a room where they reviewed and processed the paperwork that the Embassy had given us.  Not exactly a welcoming experience but the Customs Official who finally told us what was going on was nice.   Once we were free to go, Scott and I reveled in the moment.  Of course, neither Evelin nor Jose could understand the significance  -- that they were now US citizens. 

Upon arrival to NYC, Tios Mitra y Chris surprised us at Baggage Claim with Bienvenidos (welcome) signs and gifties for the kiddies.  We had a great visit with them since we hit mucho, mucho traffico.  When we got home (after 10 pm), Grandma Leslie had welcome signs for them on the puertas and hanging from an arch in the apartment. 

It's been raining ever since, so we've only walked around the neighborhood a little bit.  And today, Jose has been un poco sick.  Low grade fever and another vomiting episode  -- first his orange juice across the breakfast table and then his oatmeal in the hallway on the way to the bathroom.  He's now in his PJs for the rest of the day. 

Evelin is coloring and has made paper collars for the dogs, paper jewelry for all of us and they both created paper plates that will be sent away to factory and made into their very own plastic plates ( a special gift from the Tios Mitra and Chris). 

We hope to get them settled in over the next few days while we figure out what they are actually going to do over the summer! 



  1. Congratulations on the citizenship- it's a big deal. Let's have a citizenship party on Sept. 16th (Citizenship Day) all together- it could be our last weekend we see you- or just celebrate on whatever is our last visit over the summer.

    The kids were probably totally ready to be in their new home and be with their family there and that is so great- you got the time in CR to do some of the hardest of the adjusting, so maybe the rest of it is not going to be so intense. More natural. I love seeing the photos of them home and can't wait to see more. Yay!

  2. You look like such a natural, mama! And it sounds like you're getting the full-blown indoctrination into mama-hood with a sick kiddo. Hope Jose is feeling better soon - and that you get some rest.

    Sorry to hear about the grumpy re-entry into the U.S. I do remember Kai getting a very sweet "Welcome home, Kai Li" from our official, but I think they were more used to greeting bedraggled couples arriving from China with babies - and we were with five other couples doing the same thing.

    Jose and Evelin look like they're settling in just fine at home. How are the dogs and kids getting along? Although it looks like Evelin has thoroughly charmed one. (I am NOT showing Kai this photo - I won't even agree to a hamster.)

    Welcome home!

  3. Dying for some new photos and updates Prima!

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