Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our First Day Trip Outside of SJ ...

We made it past the pool and park today and explored the tropical La Paz Waterfall Gardens.  It's about an hour outside of San Jose, high up in the mountains where the rainforest is incredibly lush and beautiful.  It's one of Costa Rica's many national parques and it has amazing waterfalls, an animal refuge and more.  We spent a few hours there (in the rain) and had a really great time with the kids.  Jose is fascinated by cascadas (waterfalls), which is one of the reasons why we chose to go this park.  We got some great photos in the animal sactuary but, unfortunately, the waterfall photos didn't come out. (Scott blames the rain.  I blame Scott.)

On our drive back down the mountain, I checked my emails and found three messages from Yolanda, our attorney.  The first one said that we have our final US Embassy appointment this friday at 10:00 am.  The second one said that we should bring the children's photos over to them today or tomorrow so that they can get started on the visas before we get the kids' passports.  And the final email message said that we had to go back to the Oficina Migracion because Evelin's photo was "confused" and we needed to get another one taken.  She ended with a note of encouragement by telling us not to worry because this was Migracion's mistake and that we will still get their passports on Friday morning (at 8:00 am) before our Embassy appointment.  But, Pura Vida, this is Costa Rica.  

We got to the Embassy before it closed and we'll go to Oficina Migracion bright and early in the morning.


  1. oh I was going to suggest that one to you! Our friends have been and their pictures are awesome! That stinks that it rained the whole time, but I guess in CR you get used to getting rained on!!! heeheehee enjoy the last bit of time there and good luck with visa application!


  2. I like how Evelin's jacket matches the margay behind her!
    What a great day trip!

    Remember, the children's museum is a really good indoor activity for one of your days left in SJ, (guessing that would be tomorrow at this point or Sat.) if you feel so inclined for another one.

    Whoo-hoo- such little time left I am uber-excited for more good news during your last week in CR!