Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Migracion, Picsina y Volcano Paos ...

You know your spanish is really bad when the nice policeman at Migracion has to physically walk you over to where you are supposed to be and not where you want to be -- back in the office of the woman who messed up our application in the first place.  It turns out that Evelyn's photo was not "confused"  at all.  Now remember, my spanish is very basic, but I think the woman explained to me that she typed the wrong number into the application (via the computer) and she couldn't correct it without doing the whole thing all over, including taking the photo.  So that took us nearly an hour and then it was back to the hotel to let Evelyn swim in la piscina before lunch. After lunch, we drove to Volcano Poas and made it there just before they closed the park.  So, we had it all to ourselves!  Very cloudy and rainy, but still impressive.  Kids are excited to go to other volcanoes with us. 

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  1. Don't do ALL the day trips without us! Next time you visit maybe we will do some with you!

    That said, there's a water park near the international airport and there's a butterfly farm/refuge with an insectarium also near the international airport.

    I don't have the links to those two activities but your hotel would know about them...

    So excited to hear how it goes tomorrow- did you hear that they get their Visas same day? For us, it was a week later but those were tourist visas.

    We should talk tomorrow. Good luck at the embassy tomorrow am.