Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just three shots needed ...

We waited an hour and a half before we got to see the nice doctor today.  Again, I forgot to bring snacks, books, toys, etc. Fortunately, Scott had his IPAD and kept Jose entertained for a bit, but poor Evelyn was a nervous wreck.  She repeatedly told us that she was just going to die of fright if she had to get an inyeccion (shot). The deep breathing exercises that we learned in yoga the other day lasted for about 5 minutes.  

By the time we made it into the doctor's office, Jose was fidgety and Evelyn had no finger nails left (she's a nail biter).  But the very nice doctor spent at least a half an hour with us chatting, asking questions, reviewing the medical records (rescued from the good sisters at the hogaricito) and then he conducted his exam.  By the time we got to inyeccion time, they were pretty relaxed.  Evelyn only needed one vaccine and they both needed a flu shot -- a new US requirement.  So, it wasn't bad at all.  Jose went first and he was very brave.  After that, it was a piece of cake for Evelyn (which is exactly what she was promised if she didn't die of fright). 

We headed back to the hotel and not to Nosara.   That we leave for tomorrow.  Photos tomorrow.  We promise.

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  1. So glad this worked out for ya. I guess you're going to have to get used to schleping a large purse filled with stuff for your kids
    : - )