Friday, May 11, 2012

Just Can't Wait to Get on the Road Again...

We're back in Nosara and we haven't told the kids yet that we have to drive 5 hours back to San Jose on Sunday. On our drive back, we received an email from our attorney saying that the children's new birth certificates were ready and that we have an appointment on Monday at Migracion. That's where we apply for the children's Costa Rican passports.

When I emailed Heidi to tell her that we were coming back just to pack up and go, her response was priceless (it was a great, spontaneous response, but I can't blog it ... so just use your imagination). Anyway, once we have their new passports, we can apply for their visas at the US Embassy -- and then it's back to San Jose we go!

While we are so happy that the adoption process is now moving along at a rapid clip, we will be sad to leave Nosara and say goodbye to the padrinos y primas. Tomorrow, we plan to spend the day and evening together. Papa and Evelyn may try and go horseback riding on Sunday morning or it may have to wait until our next trip to Nosara. Below are some photos at our favorite restaurant, Monteverde, midway between SJ and Nosara. Evelyn and Jose now recognize the place as soon as we approach it. It's a great "rest stop" with a playground and some dinosarios to boot.

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  1. Hey! I got your comment on my blog but couldn't find an email for you! I've been following along with all your blog posts. Sounds like things are going well! I'm so happy for you guys! Finally there is an end in sight! What a long road you've had! But what joys were waiting in the end! We just celebrated our 1 year Gotcha day last week. I can't believe how fast the time has gone! We are doing great and ONE DAY I will have time to update my blog...seems to be on the far, far back burner in life priorities!
    I'll still be praying for you all as you transition into a new family back home! May God bless you all!