Friday, May 4, 2012

Jose becomes fearless...

Let me start by saying that Evelyn was shy when we took photos in the pool today and was not interested in being filmed or photographed.  With many days still ahead of us, we hope to have a blog dedicated to her accomplishments because she has come so far with her swimming. 

Jose has made tremendous progress.  On our first day together, he was terrified of the water and it took a few days to get him beyond toe dipping, the baby pool or running through sprinklers.  Then in San Jose, he spent days walking along a ledge in the pool and refused to take off his camisita (T-Shirt).  Right before we left San Jose, he was cautiously wading into the shallow area without the camisita.  Now, after just a few days in Nosara he's getting into his groove.  We have great videos that will not upload right now, but we hope to get them up soon!

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