Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 28 Together ...

Something has begun to shift.  A quick recap -- yesterday the padrinos had a small fiesta and the kids were great.  Jose, who is still fearful in new situations, places and with new people, did A-OK.  He figured out how to charm his way to a belly full of guacamole, chips, fruta, pollo y helado (ice-cream).  And Evelyn didn't hang back. She sought out her primas right away and was quite at ease throughout the party. But more than that, Evelyn has begun to open up and really let us in.  She wants to spend time with us and has asked to do things together as a family. So, tomorrow, she and I are taking a yoga class and on Wednesday, we're all going horseback riding! 

Still no word from the court on the "finalization" of the adoption (essentially making the adoption final through a "sentencia firme"), but we got instructions today on how to complete the visa process.  We must get medical exams of the children and if we have to go back to San Jose to do it, I'm going to cry. 


  1. so very happy for your wonderful family!!!!

  2. Let the bonding commence! We are so proud of our new cousins and their fantastic parents!

  3. Wonderful news! I am so happy for your family.
    Happy family bonding! Also, thanks so much for writting this blog and sharing your story with the public. It is a huge help. We hope to be in Costa Rica in a few months adopting our new 11 year old daughter.
    Best Wishes,