Monday, May 14, 2012

The Children Have New Last Names ...

We've come so far.  Evelyn spent the first few weeks writing her first and last names in the most interesting places -- on the inside page of my Spanish-English Dictionary to the chalkboard outside of the judge's chambers on that difficult day in April.  Ah, but today, when our attorney showed her the new birth certificate with her new last names (she has mine and Scott's), she smiled broadly.  And here's something else --- on Evelyn's original birth certificate, her name is spelled Evelin.   We've asked that she keep that spelling. So there you have it.  Our Evelyn is Evelin.

With the new birth certificates in hand, we applied for their Costa Rican passports at the Oficina Migracion.  Of course, it took several hours and Jose did his very best to behave. He had little, itty, bitty, pouty tantrums, with the last one occurring just as we started our appointment.  As it turns out, those passport photos that we took last week are really for their US visas. So they had to have their photos taken again today for their Costa Rican passports. While we couldn't convince Jose to take off his raincoat, we were able to coax him to pull his hood off, which has a little shark's fin planted on top of it.  We pick up the passports on Friday morning and then it's off to the Embassy for our visas! 


  1. I love--absolutely love--everything about your story, including the challenges. We are just a few months behind you in the process, and your blog is incredibly helpful in helping prepare us. Thank you for writing! I'm so happy for Evelin and Jose...y, por supuesto, los padres orgullosos!