Saturday, May 5, 2012

Actividades en Nosara

We've been packing in mucho action.  Yesterday, the primas came over again for an afternoon swim.  After they left, the skies opened up and we had a delicious downpour.  (Yes, it's rainy season in Nosara too.)  We were outside when it began and, on a whim, I ran into the house and grabbed some soap and shampoo and the three of us took a ducha (shower) in the rain.  The kids were totally delighted.  We met the padrinos y primas afterward at one of their favorite restaurants, Tico Ranchero.  We had a great time.  There was a place for the kids to play, an area where there was dancing and long wooden tables where we had massive amounts of food and drink.  Mucho divertido (much fun)! 

This morning, we picked up the primas and took them to a kids' yoga class. Check out these poses!



Downward dog


Umm -- Jose is un poco fearful...

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  1. Incredible. Spoke with Leslie and the dogs are still alive and kicking. The courtroom drama is right out of . . . not sure but very exciting. We miss you.