Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yes, it's officially rainy season ...

This means that the internet will go out (often); hence, no blog update last night.  We did learn, however, that it'll rain in the afternoons.  So we must take advantage of the sun in the morns.  Yesterday afternooon, we went to visit our children's social worker.  We had requested the meeting because we wanted to make sure that the children were adjusting well. 

Evelyn had been so excited about seeing Ana Teresa that she wanted to wear nice clothes, so we picked out something nice for her to wear.   I  then looked around at the rest of us in crumpled Ts, jeans and shorts and pulled out a pair of black slacks and a blouse that only needed a touch of ironing (my mother would have been mortified).  I got dressed too and off we went to our meeting.  It was a great meeting.  Children are progressing well and we haven't caused lasting damage. 

Evelyn is cuddled up next to me in bed right now and Jose just jumped into the bed.  So, it's time to get going.  Adios!

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