Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Papa's birthday and a trip to the Embassy ...

Today was an important day.  First, we had to celebrate papa's birthday.  Evelyn, Jose and I spent two days preparing for it.  We had to buy a cake, make cards, buy gifts, make more cards, make wrapping paper for the cards,etc. - you get the point.    Jose got papa a Diego movie and Evelyn gave him Jurassic Park.  Quite clever of them.  In this photo, papa is reading the "main" card that they made for him. We cannot upload the video that we made of the opening of the gifts because the kids chose to have a little scrap in the middle of it all.

After breakfast, we spent the morning at the pool because now we are pros and know that it will rain in the afternoon.  Plus, we had an important meeting today at the US Consulate at 2pm -- yes, that's right, during naptime for Jose.  We needed to submit paperwork to apply for the children's visas. We also had to be interviewed -- all of us.  We hadn't really prepared the children for that and, of course, today was one of those special days when Jose decided to express himself (and his displeasure) quite loudly.  And our very chatty Evelyn was quite shy.  Thankfully, at least she nodded yes when asked if she wanted to go the United States.  The photo above of Evelyn, Jose and me was taken right after our trip to the Consulate.  As you can see, Evelyn wanted to wear something nice again, so mama dragged out one of the two dresses that she brought. 

We ended the day with cake for papa and sang happy birthday in spanish and english.  Tomorrow, the kids will meet their new Padrinos and primas.  Heidi and her clan are coming for a visit!


  1. What wonderful stories!I think this will be a very memorable birhday for Papa.

  2. Keep the posts coming, just love them!! Feliz Cumpleanos Papa. I love that Evelyn likes to dress up. She is quite the beauty and Jose is just adorable. You and Scott are looking good too. Enjoy your visit with Heidi and her family!!

  3. Let's take photos tomorrow, it was super nice for us to meet the cousins and a great warm up first day. !Hasta manana!