Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On our own today as a new family!

Today, we picked up Evelyn and Jose at the orphanage.  They were not one bit shy.  They came running over to us with big hugs and smiles.  Well Jose was crying just a bit because he tripped and did a little fall in his rush to get to papa.

Yesterday we neglected to mention that we got to LEAVE them at the hogar  -- very important information for soon-to-be Costa Rican adoptive parents.  They don't let you take the children right away.  They observe you on the first day and then you spend 3 or more days just doing day visits until PANI officially lets you take them for the duration of your stay. This is a gift.  It has allowed us to wind down and talk each night. So, today, we got to start the day alone.  We took advantage of that opportunity and did a quick run in the nearby park.  (A note to my running crew... the elevation is much higher in San Jose than in Central Park.  Hard ... to ... breathe ...and

Anyway, we took our cousin's good advice and decided to find a hotel with a pool near the hogar, where we could just spend the day alone with the kids.   We got a room at the Doubletree, which is where we are now.  It was exactly the right move.   We had a room at our disposal (Jose took a nap before cranky temper tantrum could errupt), a bathroom and a restaurant.  Really a great day.  We took photos and videos.  Alas, we cannot post them until we get back to SJ and find the plug which connects the camera with the computer.  Nos vemos!

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  1. Yay! Glad it is going so well for everyone, these are special days you all will remember!