Sunday, April 22, 2012

Last Day with the Primas ....

Great last day with the primas.  Padrinos y primas came over early and the whole family had plenty of pool time together.  In fact, one might say that we took over the whole pool. (We did.)  Swimming, splashing, laughing. 

Joselito, who had refused to go into the pool the last few days, couldn't resist today.  There was just too much fun to be had.  To ensure his safety, he had refused to put his bathing suit on.  He doesn't know us well enough yet, because we got him into the pool in his T-shirt and jeans anyway!  Here he is before getting unwittingly lured into the pool, playing with the pail and shovel that his cousin Francini had brought.  

After lunch, the padrinos and primas left for their long drive back home. Evelyn is already asking about when she can see her cousins again, and when can she call them on the computer, and when can we go to Nosara,and when and when and when.

Tomorrow begins week three for us in Costa Rica.  The padrinos and primas came at just the right time and we're looking forward to our trip to Nosara.  

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  1. Us too!!!! We hope to hear you can come after Wednesday and for a couple of weeks!