Monday, April 16, 2012

Has Rainy Season Begun Early?

That's going to be a problem because our kids don't like the park here (so much for all of my research of the area). They aren't ready for day or field trips yet.  They don't want to color, read or play indoors all day either.  But they do want to swim.  A lot.  Here they are today before the rain came down in buckets. 


Here we are after the rain began.

Yep, we caved.  We plopped the kids in front of the DVD player and computer.  Scott, a staff attorney for the Flight Attendants Association, was relieved to do some work and focus on anything other than  ... OMG how are we going to do this for the next fifteen years???. I don't remember what I did.  (I've been told that this loss of memory is called Mommy Brain --- now, who told me that?) 

But I digress. 

Jose watched several episodes of Winnie the Pooh.  Evelyn watched Serenita (the Little Mermaid), which was very sweet because in some ways she is nearly tween and in others, she is still a sweet little girl.  

It stopped raining by dinnertime and then it was time for winding down, washing up and getting ready for bed.  And now, it's time for Scott and me to do the same.  Good night dear friends and family.  We miss you all.  Thank you for your public postings and private emails. Please keep them coming. They sustain us through the ups and downs of dealing with these new, adorable, sweet little children who are, well, not always so. ;)


  1. P.S. -- Thanks to everyone who asked about how Evelyn is feeling. She's getting better, but still has a cough and cold. Yes, we know that we shouldn't let her in the pool while she's still un poco sick -- but we gotta pick our battles right now.

  2. No fever, I say let her in the pool.. Welcome to the world of no sleep, picking battles, tears, hugs, love, smiles, etc,etc, etc. It is and will continue to be all worth it. Remember that this is as new to them as it is to you and BUTTONS WILL BE LEARNED AND PUSHED. LOL.

  3. And they are too overwhelmed and most definitely unaccustomed to entertaining themselves with the activities you mentioned so you have to expose them slowly and consistently, do it with them, and keep introducing them to them. Get them in the routine and even if it's 5-10 minutes twice a day... Then expand the time. Jose needs puzzles and blocks and that is what he should work on by himself or towards, by himself.

    There is a burger king super close by with an indoor playground... Good for exercise on rainy days just feed them first and then buy drinks or dessert.

  4. It took MANY visits to parks before our kids liked them and could even swing correctly! Because again, not previously exposed. Celeste did NOT like the swings or want to be taught for quite some time. So much of it is exposure and repetition and you can assume, I promise you, no matter how ordinary, that if they don't like something it's bc they have not been exposed to it and do not know it and are now probably a bit overwhelmed and intimidated by it. From hot showers, to swings, to jump rope, to puzzles, books and coloring.

  5. oh don't feel bad about any of that! we "try" to stick to the rule of tv for the weekends only but there are definately times to break that rule... sometimes it's a good thing! heeheehee gotta luv mommy brain! you are so lucky to have Heidi to learn from (and we are too!) love your updates! hopefully you will have breaks from the rain! hugs!