Saturday, April 28, 2012

Filling the time until Monday ...

The past two days have been low-key.   Just hanging around our "home"  -- although I did take Evelyn and Jose out on Friday to see El Lorax.  Jose has been more rambunctious than usual.  He's becoming more expressive -- dancing, laughing, clapping, singing and acting silly in general.

Evelyn is acting the same, which doesn't tell us much about how she is really doing.  But we had fun making Arroz con Leche together, which she asked if we could do.  It is a very dulce (sweet) rice pudding.  Here's the recipe that I found online -- lots of condensed milk, lots of brown sugar, some cinnamon and throw in some rice while you are at it.  

One thing of importance to note is that I broke my very inexpensive camera.  Scott will not let me near his not so inexpensive camera; hence, no photos of papa until he relinquishes some control. 

Tomorrow we hope to persuade the kids to take a day trip either to a futbol game (not my choice), an amusement park (not my choice) or on a nature expedition (my choice).  We'll see how it goes. 


  1. I know of a really nice park with animals. I'll email the link. It has displays about science and the environment too. Also the Childrens Museum is a good option as well.

  2. absolutely nothing wrong with low key. Even for young folks like you!! Yum Arroz con leche! I would be more up to a nature expedition but I love Heidi's suggestions. What every you choose, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy !!

    1. You're doing a great job. Just letting her know you're not upset at her for her feelings probably helps her a lot even if she doesn't show it. Keep strong and best wishes!!!!

  3. I agree with the nature expedition and staying low key... if they were afraid of the park I think the other 2 options will be WAY too much for them... My friends posted pics of La Pez waterfalls, I don't know how far away that is but there were animals and it was outside... plus I love Heidi's ideas (and would love those links as well sometime! ;)))

  4. Here are the links Sara: