Thursday, April 19, 2012

Evelyn and Jose Meet their Padrinos and Primas ...

Today, our reinforcements came.  Muy, muy importante.  Heidi, Rick, Celeste and Francini came with bags of food, toys and lots of love.  As preplanned, I went down to meet them while Scott stayed in the suite with the children.  Through our training with our agency, Gladney Center for Adoption, we know that introducing our children to family and friends can be overwhelming.  Sure enough, the moment we walked into the suite, both Evelyn and Jose fled to their bedroom.  Jose dove under his bed.  Evelyn joined him.  Celeste and Francini, though obviously disappointed, were great about it.  Mom and Dad had prepared them well.   Francini brought her very cool legos and little matchbox cars and left them for Jose to play with, which he did by himself in his room.

As the afternoon wore on, Evelyn and Jose began to relax at different times. Scott and Rick took the girls down to the pool to swim in between the raindrops (it's afternoon by now) and once they all left, Jose was coaxed out of the bedroom by his new Madrina, Heidi.  She played peek-a-boo, hide and seek with the cars and read two books to him.  When the girls came back from the pool, Celeste and Evelyn spent some time together in the kids'  bedroom.  Jose was an annoying little brother who got in the way and was eventually booted out by his older sister. 

We decided to keep the visit short today and we'll see everyone again tomorrow.  For us, it was so great to see Rick and Heidi.  Aside from the fact that they are our family (and friends), they are also our pioneers.   We are very lucky.   

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