Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day Two on Our Own was Awesome...

When we picked Evelyn and Jose up at the hogar this morning and they came running into our arms.  We are just loving these moments.  Jose is just so adorable and Evelyn is really becoming more expressive and enjoying her time with us. 
Throughout the day, she had been asking us when she and Jose could return to San Jose with us.  In fact, earlier in the morning when we had all talked to the social worker by phone, I know that Evelyn lobbied hard. 

When we brought the children back to the hogar at the end of the day and called the social worker again, she had good news.  Tomorrow, we go to PANI to sign some paperwork and then we get to go to the hogar one last time to pick the children up and bring them back to SJ.  Evelyn, who just moments before had been triste (sad) , smiled broadly when we told her. 
Here is just one more adorable photo from our days in Puntarenas.  We have some really cute videos but, alas, there is too much goopy commentary from us, the parents, running in the background.  No need to embarrass ourselves by posting. We'll try again this weekend. Adios!


  1. Awesome- all around! Super sweet and thank you so much for the daily posts- they're wonderful. Precious photos too- yay for your family! Can't wait to read and see more and to meet your beautiful children.

  2. Ditto Heidi's comment. I am so filled with you joy for the 4 of you! The photos and posts are awesome. I feel as though I'm there with you. wait, I am in spirit of course. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  3. ok yup, brought the tears on!!!! praying for your family daily!!!!

  4. The stories and the pics are wonderful. So sweet!