Saturday, March 31, 2012

We Meet Our Children On April 10!

PANI moved Evelyn and Jose from their current orphanage in San Ramon to another one in Puntarenas.  At first, we assumed that they did this to prepare the children for the transition, but this wasn't the case for our cousins when they adopted.  They met their daughters at the orphanage where the girls had lived.  

But, here's what we do know will happen...

We land in San Jose on April 9.  On April 10, we drive to Puntarenas with our attorney and the children's social worker. We meet the kids!  We are observed...we guess. We spend the day with the Evelyn and Jose. 

At the end of the day, many different scenerios can unfold.

We may be able to bring the children back to San Jose with us if the social worker will let us.  Or, we may have to go back to SJ and visit them the next day, and possibly next, until the social worker lets us bring them back to San Jose.  Or, we can choose to stay in Puntarenas until they let us bring kids back to SJ (very expensive option).   Since the drive to Puntarenas is just an hour away from SJ, we will probably go to and fro until we can bring them back. 

Now, back to the delightful chaos of getting everything ready!


  1. I am so excited for you! I hope the to-and-fro will be quick! I can imagine that the children are very excited too.

  2. That's interesting that they moved them! Wonder what the reasoning was???? I'm so happy for you! Prayers for safe travels, bonding, and paperwork! Sara