Friday, March 2, 2012

Evelyn and Jose have been told that they are about to become part of our family!

A few weeks ago, our paperwork finally found its way before a Family Court Judge in Costa Rica.  We then tried to stay calm and positive while we waited.  (Easier said than done.)

Today, the Judge almost gave our attorney a thumbs-up -- just a few fixes in the translation of the official document.   We should get word next week about our travel date.  

Afterward, our attorney met with the PANI social worker who is working with our children.   Apparently, they were recently told about us and are very happy.  Evelyn has been showing our photo to the other children and her caregivers. Little Josito is drawing pictures for us.  Needless to say, we are overcome with emotion. 

A very happy day.


  1. Happy happy happy!!!!! That's so exciting!!!!! Hopefully you will get to talk to and hold them very very soon!!!!!


  2. Can't wait to hear when you guys are coming down. The kids must be incredibly excited about their new family and home!

  3. Such an exciting time! You will soon start an amazing adventure!