Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meet our children ...

We are going to be the parents of Evelyn and Jose Luis.  Evelyn is 8.  Jose Luis is 3.  They say that she is a strong and outgoing girl who loves to paint, play and dance.  She's also very attached to her younger brother, Jose Luis.  Jose is a rambunctious and enthusiastic 3-year old.  We are going to have our hands full!

The news came right before the holidays, which was a wonderful gift.  We were just days away from leaving for a pre-planned trip to Costa Rica to spend the holidays with our cousins and goddaughters.  What a trip!  We got to experience Costa Rica in a completely different way. We spent a few days in San Jose where we will be living with our children for at least two months.  We drove down the coast thinking about how different it will be when we drive as a family to visit our cousins.  And we got tell our goddaughters,Celeste and Francini, that they will have new cousins.   The girls were in awe -- just as we were when we first heard the news.  But over the next few days, they asked a lot of questions and starting referring to their new cousins in talk and play.  We were sent home with much of the girls' educational books and toys to get us started.   As our cousin says, it takes a village. We love that our children will be reading books and playing with toys that their cousins have chosen to share with them. (And 8-year old Evelyn will get to enjoy clothes that  belonged to her 8-year old prima, Celeste!)

So, after US immigration approves our paperwork, it's off  to Costa Rica for a few months to start a new phase of our lives together! 


  1. We are so excited for this amazing journey your family is embarking upon and our family gets to share together with you all! We are anxious to welcome Evelyn and Jose into the family!

  2. I am so happy for you, Scott, Evelyn and Jose. Fabulous news! Happy New Year!

  3. I'm so excited for you! I hope all is going GREAT! can't wait to hear more!!!!

    Here is our story - - you will see that we are waaaaaaay behind you in the process! so excited though!