Thursday, June 9, 2011

Waiting, waiting, still waiting

So, we still haven't been matched with our children yet.  Rumor has it that it can happen anytime or it can still be months away. 

The waiting part is hard because we are so ready.  In the meantime, we continue to prepare our home and ourselves for when we bring our children home.

We just completed a 2-day training with our agency that we loved.  It focused on becoming attuned to your "older" children, bonding with them and helping them to adjust.  We highly recommend it  to parents who will be adopting older children.


  1. You're doing all you can do! It is all working out.

    Looking back, our girls were placed in the orphanage just around the time we thought we were done with everything for our application to be accepted as parents for adoption. Then it took a year more to finish our paperwork (re-doing some huge items)... then 6 months after, we were finally done, that's what it took for us to be matched. So those 18 months more I really could have done without- were our girls just getting started on their journey to get to us. And we all ended up needing all that time to get ready for being together.

    That's what I tell myself now, anyway! I was not patient during that time frame although we did do that huge road trip and that helped take my mind off the wait (the big travel year for us that of course is crazy now to consider during a recession... but hey).

    I guess, look at what else you can do and enjoy as a couple alone, while you have that time to yourselves. It will be a dim memory soon!

  2. I am ecstatic! For the last year I have periodically googled "Costa Rica adoption" and only now I came across your blog! I am also adopting from Costa Rica. I was approved on April 1, 2011 so I am only a few days behind you. I have not read your whole blog yet, but see that at least one of your entries starts the same as mine, waiting, waiting, waiting! I hope we can communicate some about the experience! I see you have been to Costa Rica I have not... I'm going to read some but would love to email you directly if you are open to that. Ginny

  3. Now you are waiting in a NEW way dear prima!