Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Days in San Jose

Day 4 in San Jose
We went to the Multi Plaza mall in San Jose.  It’s big.  Inside, they have a children’s playground (The Playground by YuKids Island) where you can let the kids run, jump and use up all of their energy.   On weekends, it’s $8 per child for 90 minutes of playtime.  On weekdays, it’s just $8 for the entire day.  Parents can either go into the playground with their kids or sit right outside at the attached café.  Of course, there is also a movie theater at the Multiplaza and I took my goddaughters to see Rio while my cousins went shopping.  Then we went for ice-cream.  So, I spent the afternoon being a “parent” in a foreign city.  A little scary at first, but then it was fine.  A good practice session for the future!
Today, Day 5, I’m just hanging with my family. No big activities. Tomorrow, I fly back home and then we wait for a match. 

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