Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 3 in San Jose

Yesterday, we went back to Hotel Cristina for a tour and to talk to the staff.  This hotel is far better for families than the one where we are currently staying.  The location is much, much better.  It’s an easy walk to the park, a better residential area and closer to restaurants and other activities.   And the staff – incredible! 
We were told that they host many families who were adopting from PANI, mostly from Italy and Spain.  And, in fact, they tend to get attached to the families and are very sad to see them go.    That alone makes this place the choice for us. To have supportive and understanding staff during those initial months of becoming a family closed the deal for me.
Also, the rooms and space are much better than where we are currently staying.  The suite we saw had a living area with sofa, TV and chairs; a separate kitchen space with a real stove, refrigerator and table.  And of course, there were two comfortable bedrooms and a bathroom.  The rooms have internet access.   The entire space itself felt more comfortable, residential and private, not like a group of adjoining hotel rooms.  And the rates are less expensive for families adopting than the ones posted online. 
If you want a place a bit more upscale, we found another apartment hotel, Apartotel Sabana, in the same neighborhood, Sabana Norte. They will also give you a deal for a longer stay, but it will still be more expensive than Apart-Hotel Cristina.   Sometimes families who adopt stay there too.  The staff seemed nice enough.
We then walked over to the park and my darling goddaughter, Celeste, tested a playground in the park and gave it big thumbs up!   Lots of families, children, picnic areas, ice-cream carts, bike and hiking paths.  We even saw clowns and horses in the park.   Imagine that.
Not bad for Day 3.

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