Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 1 in San Jose

 Day 1, was a bit of a problem.    The apartment-hotel where I had planned to stay had a big problem.  As the lovely woman at the front desk told me, the floor "broke"  and they had no rooms or suites available.  They were completely booked.    Apparently the ceramic tiles on the floors popped up and it would have been a liability for them to let us stay there. 
But she was very, very sweet and tried to find us a similar hotel and we ended up on the other side of the park at Colaye Hotel, KC Hotels and Resorts.  
I would not recommend this hotel for families adopting for numerous reasons.   To begin with, to actually get to the park you have to cross a major four-lane highway.   Then, the suites are not really apartment-like.  There is no living room area and not much of a kitchen (sink, microwave, small refrigerator and a double hotplate that substitutes for a stove).  Amenities are poor; the front desk staffers are not very friendly or helpful; and the internet connection is extremely poor.
So, my cousin and I are going to go back to the Hotel Cristina to get a tour and talk to the staff before I leave.   
But enough about the hotels.   Day 2 was a better day.   See next entry.

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