Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just when you start to lose hope, something happens.

When we last blogged – many, many weeks ago – we were updating some of our paperwork and answering the questions that PANI posed to us (and all prospective parents).    We dutifully requested our birth certificates and marriage license again.  And we met with our agency’s social worker and answered all of PANI’s questions. 
We also requested our first extension from CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services), since our approval to bring children into the U.S. expires on March 17, 2011.
Meanwhile, we knew that our agency was working diligently behind the scenes because every few days we’d see a new charge for Federal Express on our credit card -- meaning that our paperwork was moving through the process, getting authenticated, reviewed and then approved by the Costa Rican Consulate. 
But, it took weeks and weeks to happen.  Truth be told – waiting can be hard at times.   Especially when you think it’s so close and you’ve spent months, or even years, preparing.
Then last night, we opened up an email from our agency caseworker.  She told us that she had heard from the attorney in Costa Rica that the PANI social worker had approved our dossier!  It’s not a done deal yet.  The PANI psychologist must still sign off, and she is waiting for our recently answered questions.   Our agency said that they should be approved by the Costa Rican Consulate later this week. Then it’s off to PANI.