Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Steps Forward

January 10 -- The social worker came for her third visit to help us answer the ten or so questions that Costa Rica requires of all adopting families.  This was the one critical piece that was missing from our dossier, and it went very well.  

The questions were very, very specific.  They ranged from would you be willing to adopt children whose parents were homeless, mentally ill or alcoholics to would you adopt children who are hyperactive or have physical or mental disabilities? For a list of the questions, see the next post.   Our cousins, who adopted in-country as residents, had the same questions posed to them right before they received their referral.   

Our agency is going to submit the answers as an addendum document to our dossier.  We are hopeful that once they make it to Costa Rica, PANI will start looking for a match for us. 

On other matters ... we received the new copies of our birth certificates and marriage license, had them authenticated, etc.  They should be on their way to Costa Rica soon.  At the same time, we are updating our homestudy to ask for an extension with CIS.  Our approval to bring children home to the USA expires in March. 

So, happily, after putting one foot in front of the other -- we feel like we are making headway.

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