So, it's really more than "10" questions ...

Our social worker was extremely helpful. We were able to process with her and make the decisions that were right for us. Below are the questions which you must answer before PANI will make a referral.  If possible, you should try to make sure that it's part of your homestudy report.

The questions must each be answered with a yes or no response, though we did respond in fuller detail where we felt that we needed to make exceptions. 

Can the parents accept minors:
1. who the courts have declared abandoned
2. who has another nationality other than Costa Rican
3. who has suffered severe physical or sexual abuse
4. with diseases diagnosed as recoverable/correctable
5. who are a product of incest with or without consanguinity
6. with disabilities, if so indicate which
7. with learning disabilities or hyperactivity
Will the parents accept minors whose parents have a family history of:
1. psychiatric problems
2. addiction to drugs or alcohol
3. “streetification”- Street life/homeless
4. prostitution
5. chronic psychiatric disorders
6. unknown history
7. criminal behavior
8. a nationality other than Costa Rican