Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Un buen dia!

After a short visit with our family in Arenal, Costa Rica, we zipped over to San Jose with our cousin Heidi to meet with our agency’s attorney and officials at PANI. 

What an incredible day!  First, we love our attorney, Yolanda.  She is amazing -- smart, personable, persuasive and organized.  We spent a good two hours with her in the morning just going over our questions and reviewing the process in Costa Rica.  She made us feel very comfortable. 

Then, she took us over to the PANI offices.  We met with the director of the program and the head attorney. Later the head social worker joined us. 

The meeting with the PANI officials was everything that we had hoped it would be.  At first, the meeting felt too professional and matter-of-fact.  (Estamos listos!  We are ready!)  Our attorney was great, however.  She handled the meeting with such grace and ease that within twenty minutes, we were all very comfortable with each other and working toward one goal --- matching children in need with parents in want.   Ok, so there were some tears too. And by the end of the meeting, the director hugged and kissed us!  We are in good hands here.   

We do not remember the names of everyone that we met, but we will always remember them.  If you are interested in adopting from Costa Rica and want some details about what to expect, please go to, “Que pasa and what happens next?”

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