Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Que pasa and what happens next?

Here’s what we know about the adoption process in Costa Rica so far:

Your dossier gets sent directly to Costa Rica for translation.  (They translated our document very quickly.) 

Next, your translated dossier is sent to PANI, and they take approximately 60 days to review your information to see if anything is missing. (It looks like we are missing one form that needs to be filled out, which our attorney is reviewing this evening…but the rest looks good!)

Once PANI approves your application, they then begin looking for the right match. 

Then, once you are approved by PANI, it can take about 6 months to find a match for you.  (After today’s meeting, we hope that it will be less time for us.  There are only 11 other foreign families trying to adopt from Costa Rica right now.   Most are from Italy and Spain.)

Once you are matched, they send you lots of information about your children --photos, medical information, family background and history.  If you agree to the match, then they will begin preparing your children to meet you. They will share photos of you and your family with them and tell them what to expect.

You will then travel to Costa Rica to the state where your children are living.  You’ll be staying near the orphanage for approximately a week. Then, you will travel to San Jose and spend most of the rest of your time there.  PANI wants to make sure that you bond with your new children and they want you nearby.  (We completely understand, but had hoped to get out of the city and bond with our children in a more tranquil environment.) 

Now, here’s what parents really need to know.  Both parents are required to be in Costa Rica the entire time with the children.  And that time is approximately eight weeks.  It could be a little longer.

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